Friday, September 10, 2010

weekly earrings

OMG! I missed August completely... Yikes!
Anyway, I found an app for my iPhone that hopefully will let me post with pictures. Just gotta figure out how. (Don't you just love those learning curves?)

Here is a set of "ear wraps" named Julie. I found the instructions at They are a little heavy cause I got carried way with the fringe. (too much fringe is a GOOD thing)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

52 Weeks - Nikki

Love these peacock dagger beads! My friend Sharon brought me matching "chicklets", so I had to use them in the Beaded Lace Earrings I started when I taught the class. Every time I teach a class, I start a sample to demonstrate. I have a huge box of unfinished samples that I intend to finish... someday.

Weekly Earrings - Danica

Here are a delicate pair of Dragonflies. I found these charms in my stash - I've had them for years. I used Chinese crystal rondelles, copper discs, and Niobium earwires. They make a pretty jingle when I move.

52 Weeks - Marisa

I found instructions for making these swirly earrings that "screw" into your ears in a wire magazine at work, so I had to try it. I used 20 gauge craft wire, Swarovski crystals, and silver accent beads. I hammered the ends, strung on the beads, stuck the beaded end of the wire into the barrel of a pen, and spiralled the rest of the wire around the outside of the pen. The tricky part is making the second earring mirror the first.

What week is this? Kate and Gwyn

Oopsie! I seem to have dropped the ball.  I wonder what it is about posting that makes me procrastinate. And I think I'm a couple weeks behind in making my earrings, too. 

Anyway, here's a couple of wire experiments. I wanted to make a Celtic Knot with wire, so I got out my book of knots. It's a lot harder to knot with wire than string! I think with practice I could make them smoother and more even. Kate on the left is copper wire that is actually woven. Gwyn on the right is simply looped and used as a bail.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ophelia -Week 18

I taught the Beaded Lace Earrings class the other night. My awesome students were all surprised at how quickly they go together. 

I used vintage 3-cut seed beads for the main bead. They are all different sizes, so you've gotta be really careful in culling your beads. There are also lots of Swarovski crystals, plus twisted bugles and large daggers. I used teal Niobium earwires.

Zarka - Week 17

Backstory: I lived in Morocco for almost 2 years as a very young Navy wife. The women there supported themselves and their families by working as maids for the "rich" Americans. They were called Fatimas, in honor of Fatima, who was Mohammed's handmaiden. Zarka cooked and cleaned and took care of my toddlers for 10 Dirham a day, which was about $2.50 at the time. She taught me a LOT about life. She called these hands "Fatima Hands". 

I am truly grateful for that experience. I wish everyone could spend a year or so in another country. Maybe we'd get along a little better if we understood each other more.

These earrings have Swarovski crystals, vintage CZ drops, and Gold Filled beads, wire and earwires. I glued tiny Swar. flatbacks into the stars on the Fatima Hands.

Stella, Week 16

This pair is was inspired by the Pamela Beaded Lace earrings. I wanted to make a Star-topped pair. The fringes won't hang straight.  :(  I may get brave enough to break off a bead or two to see if that helps. It may just be that the seed beads are crooked. There are 40 2mm Gold Filled beads in this pair. I almost feel guilty for using them up!

Rosie - Week 15

So, I find it interesting (if only to myself) that I don't have a problem with making the earrings, or taking their photographs, but I'm not keeping up with the posting. I'm 4 earrings behind!  

Anyway, here's the pair I made for Memorial Day. I named them Rosie, in honor of you-know-who. They're made with pearl and Blue Goldstone stars, Siam Swarovski crystals, 2mm GF beads, and 11º CZ seed beads. I used C-lon, so they're swingy!

Thank you, Veterans.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Beaded Lace Earrings - Week 14

So - I've been having fun with these Earrings! They make up way fast compared with some of the other things I bead. I made the first pair with vintage glass pearls and Swarovski crystals, and used these odd-colored drops. They're purple in reflected light, but blue when the light comes through them.  

I started a bracelet in the Gwenevere's Cuff class I taught last week. I used a nut and a gold crystal for the clasp, and used bronze seed beads and jet & black diamond Swars, to try for a steampunk effect. I liked it enough to finish it right away. I had enough crystals left over to make matching earrings. (Can you spot the mistake? I'm such a perfectionist!)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Week #13, Tanzanite Lizette Earrings

That's what I get for not posting in a couple of weeks! I'm gonna have to figure out if I'm behind or not. I've been making earrings, but hadn't realized that I missed a couple of weeks of posting.  Time flies! 

Anyway, here's a pair of Lisette earrings, made with crystal AB Delicas,  silver-lined crystal 15ºs, Starling chain, Tanzanite Swarovski Marguerites, and pale Alexandrite colored facetted drops. I even found sterling earwires with the Tanzanite Swars. already on them. I think the drops are a little big for these earrings, but I like the color.

Week 12 - Pamela Beaded Lace Earrings

I only had 10 of the golden teardrop beads left, and wanted to make some dangle-y earrings to match a pendant I made in class the other day. I had just run across the instructions for Beaded Lace Earrings that I took from Pam Rodriguez at the Shepherdess in 1987. I used my version of that technique to make these, and thought I'd name them after her.

The Pamela earrings are made from CZ 11º brown iris seed beads, CZ 12º silver lined topaz rocailles (They have the tiniest square holes, so I was constantly taking the needle off the thread to poke it through them for the 2nd pass up the fringe! But the square holes reflect the light and make a beautiful sparkle.),  Japanese twisted bugles with a bronze luster on the ends, Bronze metallic 8º seed beads, Olivine Aurum Swarovski crystals, Czech firepolish round and drop beads, and brass metal teardrop dangles. I used c-lon thread, so I'm wondering how long it will take for the metal dangles to cut through. I really like them, so I hope they last a while!

Week 11 - Earth Day Earrings

I wanted to make some recycled earrings for Earth Day, So I went through a box of old Earrings. I used to make these Ear Chimes in the late '80s.... They're about 4 inches long and make a really pretty chime sound whenever you move. I made the dangles from stained glass - cut and drilled them, then fired them in a kiln until the edges were rounded. When the earrings were all assembled, I glued seed beads on the jump rings to seal them. 

 I couldn't stand to take them apart, so I found some pieces of glass that had never been made into earrings. I used 2 fused glass diamonds, Swarovski crystals from something I took apart a long time ago, Gold filled wire from the scrap bag, and gold colored Goddesses that I've had for 20 years. The gold filled earwires and 2mm beads are the only new things I used. So I think it counts as recycled!

An interesting thing is that the pink glass on both earrings is the same color. I know it has to do with how I took the pictures. The Earth Day earrings have light coming through them, and the Ear Chimes are laying flat. I'm gonna have to start keeping a journal or something, so I can get consistent results.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

52 Weeks - Week 10

Patty and Bella

I made these as demonstrations while teaching class, so I didn't take the time to make sure they're exactly the same... I'm trying to teach the perfectionist in me to lighten up!

I used 20g copper wire, sterling and gold filled accent beads, and Czech glass beads. 

Anybody wear copper earwires? I think it may turn my ears black, but it's supposed to be good for arthritis.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

52 Weeks of Earrings - Week # 9

I have an issue with mixing gold filled with plated wire and beads, but since these are just for me... Guess I'll see how they hold up, and if the colors change over time.

The pale champagne colored glass beads are about an inch long and have an AB coating. I used purple rondelles,  gold filled earwires, and gold colored spacer beads to make the earrings. The wire is gold craft wire, and the small round beads are gold filled.

I had a hard time taking their picture, cause every time I bumped the table, they started swinging, and I had to wait for them to be still.  I'm going to get better at photographing jewelry by the end of the year!

I'm naming them Anicka, which means "pure" in Czech. (according to because every ingredient is purely what it is.

Friday, April 02, 2010

52 Weeks of Earrings, #8

I wanted to make some earrings with paper, so I printed out a sheet of cardstock with a photo of some Paste Paper (made by Tina McChrie from when I used to work at Oskadusa). I cut out fan shapes, and punched a tiny hole in the top. Then I used one of those glazes to give it a shiny topcoat. I think I need more practice with that, because I made a big mess! I think I used too much, because it made the paper curl. I made 3 sets, and these turned out the best, but the glaze is not even close to smooth.

So, anyway, I colored the back and sides with a gold paint pen. Then I assembled the earrings with copper and brass wire, brass coil dangly things, Swarovski crystals, bronze, sterling, and gold filled beads, and gold filled earwires.

They're very light, and I like the basic design, but I'll try the paper/glaze thing again.

I'm naming them Ming-Ling, it means "shining bell" in Chinese.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Great Unknown: Worth vs. Value and a Can of Alien Worms

The Great Unknown: Worth vs. Value and a Can of Alien Worms

Wow - couldn't have said it better. "I do not want to live my life by everyone elses comparisons."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

52 Weeks of Earrings - Week # 7

This week's earrings are made with Thai beetle wing covers, and vermeil filigrees from Bali. I also used gold filled wire and earwires, plus Swarovski crystals. The wing covers are collected after the beetle has died of natural causes.  I'm naming the earrings "Chakri", after a Thai princess.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

52 Weeks of Earrings - Week #6

I made these at work last week to try out the new filigree metal components that we got in. They're very lightweight, so are great for earrings. You can stack them, and bead on them, and fold them, for all kinds of effects. We have about a dozen shapes in Antique Copper.

I think I'll call the earrings Lacy and Lucy. 

I love the dancing girlie earring holders, too.

PS - I took the photo with my new iPhone.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beads I can't use...

Here is a sampling of the drops and Briolettes that I have. The top two are Amethyst, next are the Alexandrite colored drops that I used in the Beth Earrings in the previous post, and on the bottom are some pink (possibly Cubic Zirconia?) drops.

52 Weeks of Earrings

I named these earrings "Beth", because they should only be worn by royalty, and my niece is definitely a princess! They're made with Alexandrite colored faceted drops. (I think they're glass as they weren't marked, and they weren't expensive.) They're a beautiful lavender color in the right light.  The cones, wire, and earwires are all sterling.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

52 Weeks of Earrings - Lisette

Two pair of Lisette Earrings - I made them a round smaller than my first few pair, and they whip up really fast. It only took me about an hour to make a pair. Ingredients - Delica beads, 15ºs, sterling chain and earwires, Swarovski Marguerites, and CZ Dagger beads. I think I'll put together some kits!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Antique Steel Cut Beads

Today I wanted to show some of my Antique Steel Cut beads. These are all from France, Circa 1900. The silver-colored ones are marked P3 on the back of the little tag, the black ones P4. I paid 6 and 7 dollars each for the little 2" hanklets about 1990. I bought the "gilt" ones (hard to see inside the baggie, I know, but it's stapled shut, and  wanted to preserve the pricing and packaging info) about 2001 for 20 dollars. I've seen similar beads recently on eBay for around 35 or 40 dollars. 

Most of these beads are TINY! I have a size 16 needle, and some 000 Nymo, and I have used some of these beads in different projects.  I love the heaviness and sparkle of these beads, and how small they are.

52 Earrings

I call these earrings "Angie", because of all the angles. They're made with gold filled 20 gauge wire, gold filled 2mm beads, and 4 and 6mm Swarovski crystals. I'll be teaching them at Beads'N More.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gabriella Earrings

I used vintage West German  round drops along with vintage Swarovski dangles and beads in Vitrial Medium, plus Gold-filled 20 gauge wire, oval jump rings, and French earwires.  The hardest part was making the 2 wire armatures match.

I wanted them to be mirror image - but they turned out to be "folded" the same way - left to right. I thought I could turn one over, but no, it's one of those magic items that is the same on both sides. Oh well, no one will be able to tell when I'm wearing them! 

They remind me of Flamenco dancers, so I named them "Gabriella".

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beads that I can't use...

I've had this bead for maybe 20 years, and it was old when I got it. I was told it's a Russian Blue bead. It's made of cobalt glass.

I love the stories behind beads, I think it adds to their value. I have a cigar box full of receipts and cards that I got when I bought some of my more special beads, but they aren't with the beads, and some of them just have the date and cost, but no artist/vendor name or description. And here I thought I was documenting my collection by saving all the receipts!

I'm hoping to find out more about some of the beads I have. If you have more information about any of my beads will you please correct or add to my knowledge?

Beads that I can't use...

I have a small collection of Bat beads. Bats are good luck! This one is made of carved bone.

Beads that I can't use...

This is a Fairy Berry borosilicate glass pendant by Gail Crosman Moore. The first pic is without flash, second with flash (and a dime to show size).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I had an idea....

(Well, really I have them all the time.) But I was thinking about blogging and discipline, and thought that I'd try this - Mondays I'll post about patterns/classes/kits, Wednesdays I'll post the weekly Earrings, and Fridays I'll post a pic and descriptions about a bead or two in my humongous collection of "beads I can't use because then I won't have them any more" collection. Of course, I'm still allowed to post between times and about other things, too.

Maybe this will help/inspire/discipline me do several things: give my blog a structure, inspire me to bead, catalog my vast bead collection. Now to come up with clever titles....

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Weekly Earrings

Here is the first pair of earrings....
"Olivia" are Comanche style earrings, about 4 inches long. They are made with vintage Czech 3-cut light amethyst colored seed beads, vintage Czech color-lined 8º seed beads, Czech and Japanese 11º seed beads, Japanese twisted bugles, real (lab grown) emeralds, Czech baby dagger drops, and Purple Velvet AB2x Swarovski crystals. I put them on gold-filled French earwires. Took about 3 hours to make.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Birthday Beadwork Commitment

Starting on my birthday (Feb 3), I will create one pair of earrings per week, and post it online. Earrings are due on Wednesdays, since my b-day is on Wednesday this year. Best of luck to me! :)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!


Clear out that which is no longer useful or joyful
Get healthier
Bead more