Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Week 11 - Earth Day Earrings

I wanted to make some recycled earrings for Earth Day, So I went through a box of old Earrings. I used to make these Ear Chimes in the late '80s.... They're about 4 inches long and make a really pretty chime sound whenever you move. I made the dangles from stained glass - cut and drilled them, then fired them in a kiln until the edges were rounded. When the earrings were all assembled, I glued seed beads on the jump rings to seal them. 

 I couldn't stand to take them apart, so I found some pieces of glass that had never been made into earrings. I used 2 fused glass diamonds, Swarovski crystals from something I took apart a long time ago, Gold filled wire from the scrap bag, and gold colored Goddesses that I've had for 20 years. The gold filled earwires and 2mm beads are the only new things I used. So I think it counts as recycled!

An interesting thing is that the pink glass on both earrings is the same color. I know it has to do with how I took the pictures. The Earth Day earrings have light coming through them, and the Ear Chimes are laying flat. I'm gonna have to start keeping a journal or something, so I can get consistent results.

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