Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zarka - Week 17

Backstory: I lived in Morocco for almost 2 years as a very young Navy wife. The women there supported themselves and their families by working as maids for the "rich" Americans. They were called Fatimas, in honor of Fatima, who was Mohammed's handmaiden. Zarka cooked and cleaned and took care of my toddlers for 10 Dirham a day, which was about $2.50 at the time. She taught me a LOT about life. She called these hands "Fatima Hands". 

I am truly grateful for that experience. I wish everyone could spend a year or so in another country. Maybe we'd get along a little better if we understood each other more.

These earrings have Swarovski crystals, vintage CZ drops, and Gold Filled beads, wire and earwires. I glued tiny Swar. flatbacks into the stars on the Fatima Hands.

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