Saturday, July 31, 2010

52 Weeks - Nikki

Love these peacock dagger beads! My friend Sharon brought me matching "chicklets", so I had to use them in the Beaded Lace Earrings I started when I taught the class. Every time I teach a class, I start a sample to demonstrate. I have a huge box of unfinished samples that I intend to finish... someday.

Weekly Earrings - Danica

Here are a delicate pair of Dragonflies. I found these charms in my stash - I've had them for years. I used Chinese crystal rondelles, copper discs, and Niobium earwires. They make a pretty jingle when I move.

52 Weeks - Marisa

I found instructions for making these swirly earrings that "screw" into your ears in a wire magazine at work, so I had to try it. I used 20 gauge craft wire, Swarovski crystals, and silver accent beads. I hammered the ends, strung on the beads, stuck the beaded end of the wire into the barrel of a pen, and spiralled the rest of the wire around the outside of the pen. The tricky part is making the second earring mirror the first.

What week is this? Kate and Gwyn

Oopsie! I seem to have dropped the ball.  I wonder what it is about posting that makes me procrastinate. And I think I'm a couple weeks behind in making my earrings, too. 

Anyway, here's a couple of wire experiments. I wanted to make a Celtic Knot with wire, so I got out my book of knots. It's a lot harder to knot with wire than string! I think with practice I could make them smoother and more even. Kate on the left is copper wire that is actually woven. Gwyn on the right is simply looped and used as a bail.